Using Your Smartphone to Take Pictures in a Resturant

Balloon Zombie Hat

Smartphone picture quality is making it easier for me to capture balloon creations that I make while entertaining at a restaurant. Just a couple of years ago, images were dark, grainy, and unsalable for marketing. Nowadays, I use my Smartphone to record my YouTube videos blog. Yet, it does not matter how good the camera … Read more

Watermark Cell Phone Pictures

Smartphones are the laptops of the future and we are only going to gain more productivity in years to come. They have replaced a good percentage of home phones and are rapidly replacing the digital camera. I am guessing that in the next couple of years Smartphones and tablets will be crushing the laptop industry. New productivity … Read more

Are Smartphones Killing Vanity Telephone Numbers?

Businesses spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year branding their telephone number with catchy songs to anagram phone numbers.  These telephone numbers try to associate a product, service, or company name to the telephone number. But, with the introduction of smartphones designed for text messaging and emailing, are these phones working against the vanity … Read more