Mall shopping was big with my mom and sister when I was a child, which gave dad and me plenty of time to people watch.  We would see the lady with the crazy hair, the dad who was oblivious to what his children were doing and the other people watching sitting and observing life as it passed by their eyes.

My people watching skills, now carries over into adulthood and into my performing. I notice the lady waiting for a balloon and it appears that she was able to distort her toes into a perfect point to fit into her shoes. The guy who is wearing the outdated clothes and the piercings that make him look like he escaped from the freak show. Looking around, I see multiple guests at the party are more in grossed with their smart phone and messaging than actually interacting with people around them. Another person keeps checking the sports score instead of turning on the 50 inch plasma TV located feet from him.

Observation is a little more apparent this weekend after a 360 balloon explodes and slapped me in the eye.  What a way to finish a show with a bang prior to a long week of entertaining.   But oddly enough people observing me must be thinking boy is this guy a nut. Look how he dresses and his job is making balloon animals for kids and what’s up with his eye?

The world of observations is a magical place and if you have not gone there lately take a trip. It’s interesting; have you observed something lately that made you think? And the eye . . . it’s all good.

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