Make me a Forgery

Every day, people counterfeiting works of art that they have seen on the internet.  Reputable companies sue people for infringing on their creative work, seek out people who can reproduce designs just because they’re too cheap to hire the artist who originated the design. Society has taught them to right click on the picture and save it to their hard drive then send it off to the middlemen.  These middlemen act as the go between and take the design to the nearest counterfeiter to have it reproduced cheaply, but accurately. This occurs every minute of the day.

Counterfeiting is rampant and somebody’s creative genius is being replicated at weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, you name the event – it is there.

Counterfeiters argue they gave credit to the designer or imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but seek comparable payment as if the original creator labored hand and hand with them every step of the way. Some industries are so crazy, the counterfeiter will contact the artist and ask “How did you do that?”  The days of originality are fading and the social acceptance of counterfeiting is upon us.

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3 thoughts on “Make me a Forgery”

  1. Dave, how can you, on the one hand, brag about accurately reproducing company and team logos, and on the other hand, complain about people “counterfeiting” by copying a balloon design? You don’t think the sports team or company spent a lot of time and money coming up with that original design that you are now copying to make money? Just curious how you defend this apparent contradiction…


  2. Hi Cindy –

    Yes, very popular characters will be duplicated. I’m talking about the party planner who sees something on a website, copies it and sends it over to the college kid that they hirer to do balloon animals. The kid then says they can do it, goes into chat groups ask questions and reproduced the work.

    DALE ;0)

  3. Funny things about sports teams, as long as your promoting the team in a positive manner, they’ll encourage you to keep promoting them. The fan based organizations that thrive on publicity and hire entertainers to reproduce their logos. Most companies feel the same way about logos, exception is Disney which does allow their character to be recreate, but must meet their standards.

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