Going Big

Too often events dictate the amount of detail that a balloon artist can actually do, the size of the balloon to use, and the amount of actual entertaining. Every once and a while the perfect event happens that going big is right.  The impact is a “WOW” factor of ten.  The presentation of the balloon sculpture blows away the client. I say “sculpture” because of the size and the dramatic effect it has on the audiences.

Audiences are accustom to seeing the standard balloon animal, but when a child walks away wearing the balloon animal, that’s a whole different story. The balloon artist can use their arsenal of a balloon sizes and shapes.  I had this opportunity present itself at Cary Area Public Library.

The crowd was a constants stream of 5 kids all around 38-inch high.  These kids were library customers and knew how to watch and wait.  On one side of me they sat five little wooden chairs that were next to a round desk each containing a child.  The eyes would widen as the large 360 balloon grew with each breath. I could hear them talk among themselves and my eavesdropping allows me to magically select the right color and animals.  Bewildered by my skills, parents asked for business cards, Librarian’s praised my work, and the kids . . . skipped away happy.  It was a day that going big was fun, not only for the kids, but for me too!

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