I’m in the Newspaper… Again

Who really care’s if you’re in the newspaper?

Balloon entertaniment Fremont Public Library

I was watching an entertainer’s promo video and in the middle of the video were pictures from newspapers that he appeared in.  I thought to myself, “Hasn’t every entertainer been in the newspaper?”  What is so special about that?  I guess it’s special for the entertainer, but does it really mean anything to a customer looking to hire you? I’ve hired many service people based on recommendations or seen a commercial about the service, but I cannot recall a time that I have seen somebody in the paper and said, “I want to hire that guy”.

Over the years I’ve been in the paper many times.  Once a newspaper was selling a picture of me from a library show on shirts, mugs, and whole bunch of other junk they could print it on.  I called the editor and complained that “I wanted a profit from the sales of the photograph or remove it. “  Their excuse was “family and friends could buy the photo as a keep sake.”  My response was… “Take a picture of Madonna at her concert and then put it on a shirt or mug and try selling her image and you will see your @$$ being sued.  I’m an entertainer, remove it or be sued.  You don’t have the rights to sell a picture of me.”  They took the picture down, but never stopped the practice of selling peoples image.

So the next time you’re flipping through the newspaper take a look at the pictures, because somebody in one of those pictures is buying out the news stand just because they are in it.

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