Being Eat’n Alive

When out of control kid’s make entertaining difficult.

Every entertainer at one point in his or her career is going to have an audience that eats him or her alive.  Well dressed, not a hair out of place, the sweetest looking kid’s you have ever seen just turns on a dime and kicks into overdrive devouring everything in site with outrageous comments, attitudes and behavior that  leaves an entertainer looking at their watch and thinking… “Only 50-minutes more and the pain will be over”.

It is not what we train for as an entertainer.  It is a life’s learning experience, which makes us better as a performer.  We read blogs on picking the right volunteer, work harder on line control, and even replay the day in our head to figure out what caused the silliness to get out of hand.  Hoping that the next time we come across this situation, what we’ve learned from the past shows does not come back to bite use.

Like a shark, an audience can be dangerous if not handled properly. And in some cases are just looking for their next meal.

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