Entertainer Misses Kid’s Birthday Party


Oops, I missed another family birthday party.  Not on purpose–I was working.  My relatives have learned not to expect me at family events when it is on the weekend. They know that I will be performing my comedic balloon entertainment somewhere in Chicago and neighboring communities.  My wife, Michelle, will mark off dates on my calendar that I should take off.  If it is not on the calendar, then I can book a gig.

However, when it is a kid’s birthday party for family — I go out of my way. I try to make them a special balloon sculpture that they will like.  This year Michelle’s cousin’s daughter was turning four years old. So I made here a large Princess doll.

Everyone at the party thought it was the bomb. OK, that‘s my wording, but what the heck, it’s my blog.   Michelle was able to take a snapshot of her running around with the balloon.  I would say they liked it.

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