Draw Big Crowds to your Library Show using Social Networking

How to Draw Big Crowds to your Library Show using Social Networking and Basic Marketing Techniques

Every entertainer dreams of having hundreds of people turnout to watch their library performance, but deep down fear that nobody will show. In a down economy, both the entertainer and library are gambling that people will be doing more around their community then jetting off to vacation resorts. Local advertising and word of mouth become critical to make sure that people attend community events.

As a performer, we want to have the packed house so the library staff gets excited about the show and books future dates. We can accomplish this by providing a professional show, but also create a buzz about your entertainment. One simple way to do this is make sure that people on your social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace networking’s are helping you get the word out. Bands for years have been mobilizing their followers with email blasts and now are using social networking to do the same.

Self-promotion is mandatory for a business owner and entertainers are no exception. If you do not promote yourself you will have to hire an ad agency to do the work for you. Save the money and develop your own network and resources for you to mobilize your fan base.

Five Simple Things you can do to Mobilize your Fans.

  1. Email everyone you know- make a FYI email that you will be performing a library show and just wanted to let them know. Keep in mind the theory of 6 degrees of separation, we all know somebody who knows somebody. Add a P.S. Please pass this on to others you know in that area; it will make for a great family night!
  2. Twitter show information 24 hours before the event. There is no need to overdo it, just one more twitter 4 hours prior to the event with URL link to the show information.
  3. Post a note in Facebook announcing the event, location, and a little insight information. Like performing a new trick, song, or adding a new visual effect to the show.
  4. Use the MySpace bulletin feature to make an announcement about the event. Avoid sending out an advertisement, make it a personal message with all the important information available or provide links to the information.
  5. Create a press release and publish it on your website days in advance, along with emailing them to local newspaper days before the event. If you do a little research, you may find the local paper has a Twitter or Facebook page and you can contact the operators and see if they will make a public announcement for the library.

Getting people to show up to any event, requires planning and time. Start thinking about how you are going to draw crowds weeks in advance, instead of brainstorming to the wee hours of the morning the night before.

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