Change Sometimes Hurts

It is human nature to be complacent; we like consistency, and we fear change. Yet, life forces us to change no matter how much we fight it. Calling my parents every Wednesday night while driving back from a restaurant was a ritual. It was just a call to make sure everything was OK. They were in their 70s, and most of the time, they snacked and watched TV. In 2007, Dad passed, and two years later, Mom left us. A void was created, and the drive home on Wednesday nights hasn’t been the same since.

When my children were born, my outlook on life changed. Things were great, babies were fun to hold, and talking to¬†other parents was a different experience now that I was in the “parents’ club.”

Yet, my entertainment business remained the same. Life and the economy changed me, but my business model was the same. I invested in myself, seeking out a mentor and revamping my thought process about my entertainment business. I revamped the mbd2 website while building new websites. I watched a busy forum slow to a snail’s pace; Facebook was the new fad. I wrote new copy, lost weight, and invested in promotional pictures and material.

Change is not easy, but it is going to happen. Can you control some of it? Yes! For things that you cannot control, you hope and pray that they will make you stronger, better, and wiser.

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