Balloon Entertainer Going Environmentally Green

Going environmentally green is the new “in thing”, and everyone is doing it. The Costco Connection Magazine (July 2008, Col 23 No 7) a lifestyle magazine for Costco members, was dedicated to environmentally green ideas.  What I found interesting was the magazine wasn’t printed on recycled paper nor did it ask you to recycle the magazine, while in that same mail pile was a Doctor Foster & Smith Catalog for quality products for dogs & cats. This 167 color page magazine had stamped above the mailing address a graphic saying “Recycle please”.  For years now, Mc Donald’s has been asking us to “Pitch in, don’t pollute”. Big box stores, pet care centers, and fast food establishments are all boosting green, but what about balloon entertainers, are we green?

Balloon entertainer goes green

For years now, balloon entertainers have been working to save the environment by using biodegradable balloons. In fact, this entertainer has gone green from head to toe, OK, so it was for St. Patrick’s Day and 25% of my balloons loaded in my apron was green. But, the balloons are environmentally friendly; they are 100% biodegradable latex. This would make a balloon entertainer one of the most environmentally “green” entertainment you can hire. We use the best biodegradable latex balloons and reframe from using depleting resources like helium. After every performance we make sure we dispose of any broken balloons to prevent children or animals from digesting the scraps. Balloon animals are environmentally friendly and the animals can really be green!

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