Environmentally Friendly Entertainer

What better way to promote an environmentally friendly event, then to hire a balloon entertainer. Balloon animals are visual attention grabber that will get your green event notice.  Get everyone thinking green, wearing green hats, and caring green balloon animals. A professional balloon entertainer can do this and more for your event.

Green Facts about Balloon Entertainer

  • Latex balloons are biodegradable. Their deterioration time is comparable to an Oak leaf.
  • Balloon entertainers reuse scraps. Most balloon animals only require ½ to ¾ of a balloon. The torn off balloon scrap is reused on other balloon animals.
  • Balloon entertainers pick up discarded balloon scraps, after their, show leaving the surrounding area as clean, if not cleaner, then when they first arrived.
  • Balloon entertainers use air, not helium. Helium is a depleting natural gas.
  • Balloon entertainers do 90% of their advertising on the Internet. Saving trees and reducing junk mail.

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