Balloon Entertainer Designs C.R.A.P.

The Muse runneth amuck and has guided my hands throughout my career.  I will twist a figure, look at it from different angles, and realize it is crap.  But the Muse is not finished with me; they guide me to try again with a different size, color, and shape.  With each twist, my mind spurs information, jokes, puns, and silliness abound.

The Muse focuses me on developing a broader thinking pattern, and I find myself thinking in circles. I start a project, which leads me to the next step.  Each thought builds, and before I know it, I have created something.

When I create, I try to engage, be educational, inspire, take awe, or sometimes create crap that amuses me and nobody else.

This weekend the Muse was talking, and I was listening.  I was inspired to show how C.R.A.P. is created from a thought. My right brain was on full throttle as I diagrammed how a tweeted idea transforms, obsession on, shared and transform into factual information using social media as its tool.


I sit here now dictating what the Muse is saying, and my right hemisphere of the brain spontaneously connects the dots and guides me through this thought process. For all, I know this could be more crap, yet that is not for me to decide; I am only the instrument.  The decision is yours to determine what is crap and what is a fact.

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