Slow Ride and Taking it Easy in January

Motorcycle RidgerJanuary is the 1st month of the years when business is the slowest and there is nothing but time. Time to clean the office, develop new marketing material, update pictures on website, plan new ventures, catch up on reading, and did I mention hangout with the family.

I am in my “slow rider mode” to quote Foghat, but more time I think I have the faster it’s going by. As I sit contemplating the world this morning and all it offers, our family dog Mabel is nuzzling my arm for attention. “Not now”, I tell her – but she has does not take no for an answer and insists that I pet her. I look into her big brown eyes and can remember it was just yesterday that we got her, but that was just under a dozen years ago.

To Mable there is time for everything – time to play, eat, sleep, and attention. I have to admit she has her priorities right. As I sit there giving her the attention she so righteously deserves, it dawns on me that her minutes are actually hours. Time moves faster and those 24-hour days are actually 72 hours. We think we live in the same duration but time to quote the Doctor “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but ‘actually’ from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff. ”

Wibbly-wobbly-time-y wimey that is what time is for me. I have all this time yet, I do not have time to sit and play with Mabel. I find myself scrambling to get things done, which “I have time for”. Unlike people who go to a 9-5 job and have set days to work, my schedule is controlled by me. Yet, the wibbly-wobbly …. time-y thing keeps getting in the way.

January is the month to live a dog’s life. Every day it will be  packed with activates, adventures, and work. I could be the “easier rider” type and just cruise  into the sunset and leave it all behind, but that seems to be the easy way out. Let’s live life by a dogs time, who knows we may start shaking our buts and getting overly excited to see loved ones walk through the front door.

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