How to Get More Viewers on Instagram

Get more viewers on Instagram using

How to get more viewers on instagramMany people think Instagram is a waste of time. In many cases, they are right. However, if you know how to track your data, Instagram and social media are powerful tools.

Here is a trick that I just learned this past week and I am now sharing with you. How I am optimizing my Instagram account for optimal viewers. There is a website called is a free stats program for an Instagram account. This website interfaces with my Instagram account and allows me to see who, and when, people are looking at my Instagram site.

By knowing when people are viewing my pictures, I can upload a picture at the busiest time of the day, thus giving me optimal viewing. This insures that more eyes will see my picture. I could just randomly post a picture, but that is a big mistake when I’m trying to gain more followers. It is like entertaining at a restaurant during off hours. Traffic will stink, tips will be lousy, and eventually you will give up. I do not want to miss gaining more followers that are loyal, and I want to do it efficiently and quickly.

Why Do I Like Instagram?

Instagram is hip with teens, and if you do not already know, teenagers make things go viral. Do I need to say more? Well that is just one reason. The second reason is that I am constantly creating balloon figures. I am paid to make balloon animals. Unlike the hobbyist, I do it weekly, if not daily. This gives me tons of material to choose from and post. Lastly, because what I do is not a 9-5 job, and it is interesting. People like to follow interesting topics. That is why I like Instagram, and why I have chosen to use it.

Here is a small video to help you understand better how I use to learn the most efficient time to post and gain more followers.

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