3 Facebook Groups You Should Know About

Specialized Balloon Facebook Groups

facebook-group-iconOver the past few months, I have seen an increase in specialty groups for the balloon industry on Facebook. The three newest groups are the Deco-Twister Balloon Artists, Hairbanders!, and Line Twisting.

Deco-Twister Balloon Artists focuses on decorating with twisting balloons. This field has grown over the past three years because of helium shortages. This is a good group if you are looking to make centerpieces or themed sculptures. If you are a newbie to the balloon-twisting world this is a place to visit, but I would recommend another group, just because the balloons being displayed are technically challenging. Many of these artists have spent years learning and perfecting their craft. This would be great for intermediate to advanced twisters, or somebody who has attended balloon conventions and has a broader understanding of the balloon twisting industry.

Hairbanders! Group – This is a fun group, just because headbands are the new craze. I would compare this to the wristband craze of five years ago, where everything was being designed for the wrist. This is a new group and the designs range from simple to intermediate. If there is a wristband group, please invite me ;0)

The newest group to which I was invited is the Line Twisting group. This group is so new, members are posting pictures of swords. The focus of this group is to keep designs about 2-3 minutes to produce. This is an excellent group for beginners to pick up ideas on how to produce simple designs.

If you are looking for more Facebook groups, I suggest checking out this list. I am sure that by year’s end there will be more groups developed, some public, some private. Yet with each group developed ideas are shared. Please share this information on Facebook or Twitter because the groups would like to grow their membership and what better way to do it than to share this blog.

Links to each group

Specialized Balloon Facebook Groups

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