Trade Show Giveaways – Branding making a lasting impression

Trade shows are one of the best mechanisms for increasing brand recognition to your customers. Unlike any other form of media, trade shows allow companies to pitch their product or service directly to their target audience – both current and new. The cost per lead is relatively low in comparison to other forms of media marketing.  A good giveaway can create a lasting impression long after the show. Branding a trade show giveaway ensures delegates will remember your company or slogan after the event.

Branding giveaway items with the company name, website, or slogan are a great way to advertise your company beyond the trade show. For example, if you are handing out t-shirts with your company name and logo on them, someone is bound to wear that shirt in public, resulting in a walking advertisement. Selecting the correct trade show giveaway such as promotional toys, tote bags, or even apparel can set you apart from your competitor. While most trade show attendees are adults, they are not above finding the most amusing toy on the trade show floor.

A unique trade show giveaway can generate more booth traffic than you may expect. However, having dozens of trade show giveaways will not sell your products for you, no matter how clever they are. While they enhance booth traffic, it’s up to your sales staff to sell your company. Trade show giveaways are merely a device used to generate interest and differentiate you from your biggest competition.  Leave the selling to the salesperson, while the creative, unique giveaway creates a buzz on the trade show floor.

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