You Really Love Your Work

It was a long day, and I finished my third picnic in 85-degree heat, with 90-100% humidity.  The sun was popping in between rain clouds. The last event was over, and the two other balloon entertainers were winding down. I had the tedious task of helping shut down their lines.  Ending a line is never fun, but if you don’t, you’ll be working way into the night.

As I announced numerous times that the balloon lines were closed, sorry we’re done, sorry we’re finished for the day until I would look at people and say, “Balloon lines are closed!.”

The day was over, and the three of us were walking to our cars when I said, “I am happy that this day is over; it’s been a lot of work.”

“This doesn’t work; this is fun. I love what I do,” replied the other entertainer.

I looked at him and said, “After 24 years, I consider entertaining work.  Work I enjoy, but it’s work”.

“Nope, for me, it’s always a day of fun, and people pay me to play with balloons. What more can you ask for?”

Quite often, I’ll be entertaining in a restaurant, and a customer will tell me, “You really love your work.”  “No, it’s a job,” I tell them. They look at me and smile in disbelief and say, “No, you love what you do.”

I’m not sure what these people are really talking about.  I love my wife, son, mother, father, sister, and the rest of my family, but entertaining…. that is something I take pride in doing.  People nowadays don’t take pride in their work, and when they come across people who consider the person “loves” their job.

I look upon my balloon entertaining as a skilled craftsman. Some can take a balloon and twist, bend, stretch, and manipulate it while combining comedic patter all at once.  You have to take pride in your work to do it successfully, which shows in your entertainment. Pride in my job is what drives me to be a better entertainer. Love is reserved for the things that really matter, my family.

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