How To Making A TEDx Presentation Visual To The Audience

Balloon sculptures made for TEDx DePaul

TEDxDePaul Goes Visual My phone rang, and it was Melissa from DePaul University wanting to know…”Are you up to it?” “Heck yeah!” – and the deal was set. I was a TEDx Visual Balloon Interpreter for the second time.  The first time was November 7th, 2014, for TEDxNaperville, and now 2018, DePaul University TEDxDPU. The … Read more

A TEDx Talk That Exposes The Truth About People

Dale Obrochta on TEDx Stage

Exposing Myself with Balloons Have you ever mentally planned out a meeting in your head and when it happens it’s nothing like you expected?  Well, that is what happened to me.  In August, I reached out to a TEDx producer, who I worked with before, and pitched him an idea.  The idea was based on … Read more

Mind Mapping “AWESOME”

Dale Obrochta

It bugs me when I see the same message posted or tweeted over and over again on a friend’s social media site because they have associated all the sites together. As a result, I’ve mind mapped my social media tweets and post to ensure I don’t spam my followers. The concept of mind mapping was … Read more

Entertainer Creates Awesome TEDxNaperville Stage

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The room goes black at TEDxNaperville and there in glowing neon balloons is the cryptic word “awesome”. Balloon entertainer Dale Obrochta has visually mind mapped Jill Shargaa’s presentation, “ Please, Please, People, Let’s Put the Awe Back in Awesome” out of twisting balloons. “This was a first for any TED/TEDx talk”, says TEDxNaperville producer Arthur … Read more