Soap Bubble Magic

Tricks to do with soap bubbles

William BeattyWith just a little jar of soap bubbles and a straw, you can amaze people. The cost of the materials is cheap, yet the effect is awesome! Tom Noddy, Louis Pearl, Finn Jonn and more are/were pioneers in the field. Search the word, soap bubble magic, in You Tube and you can get some amazing clips from their performances.

The purpose of this article is to give you a few simple ideas on what you can do with that little jar of soap and a straw. Many others have turned the soap bubble tricks into full stage shows, with exploding bubbles, putting people inside bubbles and more. That isn’t our purpose here. Here, you will get a good basic start and perhaps, you too will be touring the world with soap bubbles.

Basic Materials Needed

1 Jar of Soap Bubbles….Wonder Bubbles is the best brand for the tricks here today. There are other brands, but those don’t seem to hold up or last as long as Wonder Bubbles.

1 Straw

The wand from the jar.

Bubbles in a Bubble.

Soap Bubble: Bubble in a Bubble

It might help to pour the soap bubble “juice” into a container with a larger opening.

1. Dip the straw and the wand on the juice, Make sure the straw is wet. Dry pops bubbles. Wet does not. You can insert a wet straw, or even a wet finger, into a bubble and it won’t pop.

2. Place the wet straw’s end just below the wand (The ridged end) and light blow. A bubble will form. When it gets big enough for you, about 2 inches in diameter, quickly take the straw away.

3. Purse your lips, get about a half inche from the bubble on the end of your wand, and blow short puffs of air right at that bubble wall. This takes some practice, but when it works, little bubbles will break off inside the bubble and form. So cool to see!

Bubble Caterpillar

Soap Bubble Caterpiller

1. See Step one of Bubbles in a Bubble

2. Repeat Step 2 of Bubbles in a Bubble.

3. Repeat Step 2, BUT….you place the straw lightly beneath the last bubble in the chain.

Don’t make this caterpillar too long or it will fall off the wand.

Other Soap Bubble designs

Soap Bubble Desings

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  1. I have never used the “touch-a-bubble” solutions in my Bubble Wonders show. I use Fan Yang’s Gazillion bubble solution. Those non-pop solutions are thicker, more syrupy than the traditional soap and water solutions.

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