Tips for Tweeting on Twitter

Tweet on TwitterFor today’s article I thought I would mix it up some. I’m preparing for FLOAT the Convention next month and I’ll be on staff as well as teaching some flash classes on social media and using video to promote your business. I thought I would share a few of the basics I’m working on for those classes concerning Twitter.

1. Have a plan

Like all social media you can waste days on twitter. There are so many people to follow and meet and things to tweet about that it can become overwhelming. So before you come to twitter make a plan. Decide when you’ll get on twitter and how much time you’ll spend.

I suggest 3 times a day and spending five to ten minutes replying and tweeting.

2. Use photos and video

Your thoughts are interesting, but people really want to see through your eyes. Tweets with photo links or videos really stand out. They also really help you say may more just 140 characters.

3. Don’t just advertise

So many companies get on twitter and all they do is talk about themselves. No one wants that. It is okay from time to time to talk about your service, but remember that to really be recognized you need to offer value to those reading your tweets. Post stories, thoughts, and inspiring quotes.

4. Don’t be corporate

The days of the nameless faceless companies are gone. And good riddance. Today people don’t want that third person nonsense, they want connections and emotions.

Here is an example. Instead of tweeting.

St. Louis Balloon Artist at Chick-Fil-A on Olive from 5-7.


I can’t wait to be at Chick-fil-a on Olive tonight. The families and staff are a blast! I’m there from 5-7 if you get a chance to swing by.

5. Speak don’t yell.

When I first got on twitter I made stupid mistakes like all those above. The biggest I made was that I set up an automated welcome tweet. And of course it was all about me.

For those that don’t know an automate welcome is when you set up your account using a twitter application to send a tweet to people when they first follow you. A lot of folks do it (especially companies) but it really does get annoying.

Instead of the automated tweet I suggest looking at your followers’ accounts and replying to something in a personal manner.

Well those are a few tips to get started. As I said I’ll be expanding on this a lot more at FLOAT for anyone interested. And you know you’re always welcome to e-mail me.

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