Simple Balloon Animals

Everyone is looking for simple balloon animal instructions, and if you haven’t looked through this blog or kids stuff, then you’re missing some excellent simple balloon instructions.  Make sure you have the suitable material and tools before you start trying to make balloon animals.  It can be challenging to work with inferior products and can be discouraging to all who try.

The common complaint I hear about trying to make simple balloon animals are:

  • Balloon break
  • Pump is lousy
  • Instructions are hard to follow

Most balloon kits bought in a store are typical junk.  The manufacture is selling a cheap product and, by professional standards, is a waste of money.  I recommend buying supplies from a local trick shop or online from a professional entertainer’s retail outlet.  The equipment sold in the kit is the same professional quality equipment that entertainers use to make simple balloon animals.  When you use professional equipment, you will be amazed at what you can make with a balloon.

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1 thought on “Simple Balloon Animals”

  1. Am very interested in entering the world of balloon twisting….a lady in Atlanta, GA made an Elmo for my grandson…every kid who saw wanted one…I cannot find the price of the Deluxe kit or any of the kits…please let me know how much the kits are….thank you very much..Faye

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