Setting up my balloon apron

People are always asking, “Who arranges all the balloons in my apron and how long does it take me?”  Well, for the longest time it was just me sorting all the balloons, and then Michelle would help me.  Now, I’m training  my two year old son to help.

Normally, it can take up to 30-45 minutes to sort and fill an apron, but most the time I’ll do it watching TV, so that can easily take two hours.

Click here for inforamtion about a balloon apron

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4 thoughts on “Setting up my balloon apron”

  1. DO you hold the balloons together with something so they do not cone out? I just purchaced a balloon bag and am having trouble keeping all organized. Do you put certain colors in a specific order? How many colors and how many in a group? Help!!!!!!!
    Thank you, Christine

  2. Hi Cristine – I do use a balloon rubber band (scrape of balloon) to hold the bottoms together. This way if I need to reload the apron the balloons are still grouped if the Velcro comes undone. I normally have 50-70 balloons in a bundle. Colors are set up to my liking… that is, green are in one place, blues are together, pinks, plus I make sure that dark blue is next to the light blue. Balloons in one row may be light colors on the right side and then dark colors, next row will be dark colors then light. Last row is like the first row – light then dark. This way when I look at my balloons the dark colors are never together but separated by light colors both horizontally and vertically. Hope that helps.

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