Old School Pumpkin

Every year balloon entertainers look at how to take a balloon and transform it into a Halloween design. Sometimes, we forget about the things we’ve learned when we first started out.  The simple, quick, and effective designs that date back to the beginning of balloon entertainment – the round balloon. Yes,  the orange round balloon which comes in every round balloon variety pack can be quickly turned into a pumpkin by a simple apple twist.

The artwork can be silly, happy, scared, or just outlandish, it’s up to you.  Whenever I draw a face and I am not 100% sure on what it should look like, I use an ultra-fine Sharpie, which like a Caricature Artists, I draw a basic outline first. I then use the standard fine Sharpie marker to trace over it to complete the drawing.  This technique was used in drawing the pumpkin’s mouth. I was unsure of how big to make it and what the final shape was going to be so I outlined it first.

The Candy Corn teeth came from seeing an image of a pumpkin made by a baker who used real Candy Corn to enhance a frosted cake.  I decided to incorporate that idea into my pumpkins face giving it that extra touch that will make people talk about it besides saying “It’s a scary face”.

On this pumpkin, I used an orange Sharpie and as it touched the black Sharpie lines intermixed giving a grayish orange. This mixture of colors enhanced the orange giving more depth.  A cool little trick when you are using a balloon that is the same color as the marker.

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