Pumpkin Head

Using pumpkin’s for a figures head is nothing new.  It’s just a mater of how much detail you want to incorporate into the body once the head is complete.  I like to keep the body simple and keep most the details in the pumpkins’ head.

The open face pumpkin is built with your typical 260-twisting balloons.  I use a black heart for the mouth. Their are many designs you can use for the head, here is one version that has a prominent 3D nose.

The body can be constructed out of 160-balloons giving the appearance of an over sized pumpkin head. Using 350’s for the body gives the look of a stuffed doll.  Perfect for small kids who can be a little tough on balloons figures.  I like the 260 look, but do change it up every now and then,  just tp keep it from getting boring.



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