Here’s a Great Response To A Text Message

I’m working in my office, and my ears detect the incoming text notification chime from my cellphone. I grab my phone, and it reads, “How much do you charge?” Great, I have to play the twenty-question text game to figure out what they want, or do I?

Here’s how I eliminate playing the twenty-question game.

I reply with; It’s nine million dollars until I know what you’re buying. Can we spend a few minutes narrowing that down to help you lower the price?

  1. What type of event?
  2. Where is the event located (city)?
  3. How many kids?

Text from the mom read,

“My son will turn four, and my daughter will turn one. We’re not having a birthday party with everything going on, but we thought it might be fun to have something outside in the driveway so the neighborhood kids can enjoy the celebration. Who doesn’t love balloons and cupcakes?

We’re in New Lenox. I would estimate 15-20 kids.

Hopefully not $9,000,000″

Why This Text Reply Works

The setup starts with is an outrageous price, followed by instructions on how to reduce the cost. 

In my experience, when allowed to reduce a service cost, I, too, will go that extra step and follow the instructions. So it’s not surprising when a mom texts back a small paragraph detailing the event.

The mom’s detailed reply enables me to generate a quote or take the conversation further to sell another service option.

So, the next time you get a text asking what you charge, text back a message that benefits them for providing information.

Save Your Marketing Text Message

Check your texting phone app to see if you can set up auto-replies. The basic texting app that came with my cellphone did not provide this option, so after a quick search on the app store, I found a third-party vendor.

Presently, I’m using the Pulse texting app, which allows me to save text responses. With a couple of taps of my thumb, my answer is sent.

What marketing texting tricks can you share?

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Here's a Great Response To A Text Message
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