Using Instagram To Feed The Social Media Beast

The social media beast is never full, and I must feed it daily.  Feeding the beast, as I call it, requires constant communication with my inner muse.  Over time I realize that I have created memes, blogs, videos, pictures, infographics, and much of this content is a one and done viewing.

Today, I posted to my Instagram page, and this image is a one and done post.  I have no plans on using this image again. Scrolling through the images, I wonder how many people scan through my portfolio and look at the entire portfolio? 

I can hear my muse saying, “Look at all you’ve creatived, and it just sitting here voide of eyes.”

My Muse Was Right

These creative images are there sitting waiting to be used, and I must find a way to use them.

My solution is to screen capture my portfolio work.

The idea of repurposing old work is nothing new in the marketing handbook.  The rule is if it’s a video, capture images, take soundbites, translate the video to text,  and use every bit of information you can and when you think you are done, update the footage and use it as a jumpoff segment to a new video.

Screen capturing my Instagram site would create a new mosaic picture that highlights my artwork.  By doing this, I create new marketing material from past media posts.

Screen Capture Instagram

The easy way I found to screen capture Instagram was to use my cell phone, and with a press of a button, I had my image saved.

Screen capture of my instagram account to use for marketing.

This new image is a mosaic of twelve images as one.

Now there is a good chance you might have seen one or two of these individual images used in a blog post, but this is the first time you’ll see all twelve in one picture.  This newly created image will be feed to the social media beast to fill its appetite.

How are you feeding the social medial beast?

Leave a comment on how you repurpose your material. Your idea might help one of my readers or me.

Using Instagram to Feed the Social Media Beast
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Using Instagram to Feed the Social Media Beast
This article looks at how to use a screen capture of an Instagram page and repurposing these images into a new social media post.
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