Refueled for 2012

I restock and take inventory of my balloon apron after every show. This assures I have what I need for the next show. I review what the most requested design was and what caused the surge of requests?  Each year I do the same with my business.   I evaluate what I did last year and how did I achieved it.  Like at a show, if I’m making something that I don’t like, I modify the design to make it more interesting and spectacular or drop it from my repertoire. Same is true with my business.

There are some events that I willingly leave on the table, walk-a-way from or better yet run from.  My days of being a machine cranking out balloon-after-balloon is mind-numbing and counterproductive to my craft.  So these jobs, I leave to the robots of the industry.

2012 is about concentrating my energy like a laser beam on the markets that I enjoy. I will fight resistance and will not fall back to old habits. I will conquer new markets and drive my craft to levels never seen.

This may sound like lofty goals to an amateur, but, to a professional this is what they do.  A professional grows, adapts, and focuses their energy daily.  They forge ahead not knowing where the road leads, but knowing that every bump, pothole or detour sign will not stop them from achieving their goals.

My balloon apron is stocked. My head is clear. 2011 was a great year. 2012 brings more focus and determination to glide down life’s road. So bring on the bumps, potholes and a detour sign, this boy is ready and refueled for 2012.

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