Balloon Hats

No Head is Too Big for a Hat

Balloons twirl about as spectators watch in delight; you present the guest of honor with a well-crafted hat. Instantly the head repels the hat like two opposing magnets with the same polarity.  It is now a game of cat and mouse to see if you can get the hat on the head.  You can hear the disappointment in the audience as they say, “keep it on; it’s cute.” Don’t be a party pooper.”

Nevertheless, some strut around like a peacock proudly displaying their new plumage to the world. They’re now center stage for all to see, and that’s the way they want it. “It is about me, baby,” shouts their body language and actions.

It doesn’t matter if the person is shy or outgoing; it’s all about the entertainment that goes into creating the hat.  A shy person can have a hat crafted that is not over the top but elegant in design.  Yes, elegant, tasteful, and balloon hats can go hand-in-hand. Or should I say, “hand-to-head?”

Incorporating the guest of honors favorite colors or characters into the hat now touches the design personally. It’s no longer a thing of embarrassment, and it is now something they’ve helped craft.

Outgoing people are double-edged swords.  Some are so outgoing that they steal the show and are more entertaining than the entertainer. Once these people get going, there’s no reeling them in.  Off-colored jokes start to fly while the poor entertainer tries to keep the chaos under control.

Yet, others are the perfect comedic straight man whose personalities make every joke scream with laughter. They’re just a step behind, and you wish every volunteer were this personable and interesting.  These people make an entertainer not only look great but make it fun to entertain.

It’s going to happen to somebody, no matter what the personality is like.  It may be big, colorful, cartoonish, or classy, whichever it may be. A balloon hat is always an audience favorite.

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