Practice, practice, practice on the job.

Entertainers Tip 3
October 1, 2002 

The key is practice, practice, practice. Does this mean I have to fill the house up with teddy bears and balloon puppy dogs? Yes! In the beginning, we all have to make hundreds of teddy bears before we get the proportions correctly. “But I’ve been balloon twisting for some time now; I don’t need to practice anymore.” Yes you do! But the practice is a very different type of practice. When we first started out, we would sit in front of the TV making teddy bears until they all started to look alike. Now we practice on the job. “WHAT!! ON THE JOB!” Yes!

When I learn a new animal or character, I tell the customer that I have a new balloon creation and would they be interested in that, or do they have something the want instead? 80% of the time they will ask for the new creation. This gives me practice, if the balloon breaks – oh well, its’ new, and lastly – others will see that balloon and request it. Thus giving me more practice.

This is how I started doing the Alien. Now I can do them in my sleep.

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