Pass out business cards at Halloween

Entertainers Tip 2

September 18, 2002 – update notice Manufactures Factory Sale

Would you like to get more business close to home? This tip will work with any business but lends itself better to kid’s entertainers.

Halloween is coming, and you’re going to give out candy; why not give out your business card with every piece of candy. Last year I started passing out little candy bars placed inside a zip lock bag with a business card. The zip lock bag was the same size as the business card and with one piece of candy, everything fit nice and neat.

Did I get work from this? That’s a good question? I give out so many business cards it hard to say — but why miss this opportunity. If you get one job from this, you will have paid for all your candy and business cards for a year. If nothing else, people in your neighborhood know you do kids’ parties and may recommend you to others. Try it.

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