Did you just take my picture?

Fox’s Restaurant in Orland Park is known for it’s St. Patrick’s Day party and this year with it happening on a Monday made the weekend busy. Friday night I was doing my roving balloon entertainment and on completion the family asked if I could pose with the kids and their balloon animals. This happens often so it was not a big deal, but they were surprised when I took out a camera and took a picture of them. After all people are always taking pictures of me, why shouldn’t I take picture of them.

Customer’s at Fox’s Restaurant

Many years ago I was doing a kids birthday party and the father was video taping the party. After taping the birthday party he asked the question. “Did you ever think of how many birthday party videos you may be in?” Boy that made me think. I’ll be entertaining for 24 year this April 2008. Doing 3-5 birthday parties a week. That’s a lot of home videos I’m in, let alone all the pictures of me at parties and restaurants.

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