The Mouse Draws a Crowd

It’s been years since Mickey Mouse has made a movie, but his popularity has not died. Young and old all know the famous ears. Once the general public gets wind that you can make it, the demand skyrockets.  Balloon artists are excited to see new designs for this beloved character, even thou “their” Mickey is different. They still want to see yours.

Newbie’s choose to limit Mickey’s appearance while performing, just because there are so many versions that require anywhere from 5-20 balloons.  Each segment of the balloon requires a different twist and the beloved character becomes complicated in design.

I personally prefer to have different variations bases on crowd size. This month while entertaining at the Discover Tinley Expo, I chose to make a three foot version using a combination of 260 and 360 balloons.

People stopped, looked, and took pictures of the balloon sculpture.   Some little hands did reach up and touch Mickey, their homage to the Mouse God. But most were content just observing the mouse.

I did get the occasional request for “I want that” pointing to Mickey, who received the reply of “no”. “However, I do have a smaller version”, and promptly made it for them.

A tip for all entertainers, when bringing a large display to an event,  make sure you have quick smaller version that will satisfy the audience.  If you don’t, you have just created a headache for yourself and made the event 10 times harder.  Do a little strategic planning when it comes to “wowing” the crowd and you’ll come out a champion.

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