Birthday Parties Over, But The Cake Isn’t

How long can it last? While entertaining at a local business expo, I was approached by a Mom who told me that I had made her daughter a balloon cake before Christmas 2011. Her daughter refuses to toss it out and still has it on her dresser.  The mom kindly emailed me the photo so … Read more

The Mouse Draws a Crowd

It’s been years since Mickey Mouse has made a movie, but his popularity has not died. Young and old all know the famous ears. Once the general public gets wind that you can make it, the demand skyrockets.  Balloon artists are excited to see new designs for this beloved character, even thou “their” Mickey is … Read more

Discover Tinley 2008

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

For the past several years I have been performing my comedic kid’s balloon entertaining for the local residence attending Discover Tinley Community Expo. In 2005, I started bringing a large display piece to aid in drawing attention to balloon entertainment service. Not that I really need to — lines are always 20 people deep waiting … Read more