Your sports team can be having the best or worst season in their history of existence and fans will make a requests for their beloved team logo. Reproducing these logos can be difficult. Metamorphose of lettering into an animal or letters that overlap, make it impossible or very tricky to reproduce. Yet fans will request them and balloon artists will try their best to produce them.

When it comes to logos you have to research every logo the team displays over its history.  Some will be easy to reproduce and others will take hours to reproduce. Entertainers can cheat and make a hat with team colors or make sports related equipment, but logos are typically tricky. Most logos will cause you to use multiple balloons and different shapes.  Life would be easy if a balloon dog was a logo, but it’s not.

Every year when the teams start winning, I work on new designs or improvements to team logos.  Not all will make it into the public, but here are the ones that have gone out to the  general public.

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