Maximize Your “Return On Image”

What is your biggest marketing tool? You, of course. But even though you try to be everywhere at once, it is not possible, so your company brand  must represent you.  Your  image must be consistent.  Look at Starbucks.  Have you ever seen a Starbuck’s product, store or advertisement  that was inconsistent where you couldn’t recognize their logo and style?  Have they offered whoopee cushions as prizes for ordering cocoa (like in a happy meal)? Have you seen pink wall paper with lightning bolts in their stores? Never! It’s the big companies who look professional because every single product or service speaks their brand.

Set yourself apart by having a strong brand radiating through every aspect of your business. When Ahmed, Peggy or Helga see, hear or touch any of your marketing materials, they should have a sense of your company.

Establish your brand through all of your resources

You want to maximize your “Return On Image”. Everything should look like your company.  Everything, including your communication which means you in person, on the phone, online, and in print must echo your image:

  • In person, your personality, your presence, your movement should reflect the spirit of your company.
  • On the phone, your voice quality, words per minute, the feel of your voice should be in tune with your purpose.
  • Online, your consistency across all of your materials to reemphasize your brand.

This set of blog posts will be all about Return On Image so you can get better paying gigs and be paid for the value of your services. Many of the blog posts will ask to you do take action. To get full value from these, this is what you want to do.

Before we launch into this series, define the following:

Results you currently produce:

For example, as the Meeting Maximizer, I produce effective meetings. I maximize my clients “Return On Event. My clients get more participation, more buy-in, because the meeting is focused on the attendees. When the attendees are accommodated, it is easier for them to learn and pay attention, thus resulting with an effective meeting.

Action Items:

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  1. Jolene you are so right, knowledge is power. Understanding who you are and your perception not only in-front of the public, but behind the scenes is so true. When I was a college educator I wore a tie to work. Days off jeans and a shirt, but I made sure to avoid students. I had an image to uphold and been seen unshaven and sweets was the the look I was going for.

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