Four Life Hacks that Every Balloon Entertainer Should Know

Keeping twisting balloons ready to use

Keep balloons neat, secure, and nozzle ready by reusing the product bags. Remove the tear strip from the product bag. Place the empty product bag flat and arrange the balloon perpendicular to the bag. Roll into a bundle and use the tear strip to tie the bundle together. If you use all the balloons in the bundle, you can see by looking at the bag label which color balloons you need to refill your supply.

Balloon Bag

Never have different size round balloons.

Ensure every round balloon is the same size for the party by sizing each balloon. To ensure all balloons are the same size, take two chairs and place the back of the chairs facing each other. Calculate the distance between the ends of the chairs and use this width as a template. Inflate the round balloon and slide between the backs of the chairs. Adjust the air amount to make sure each balloon grazes the backs of both chairs. This will give you a consistent balloon size for all the round balloons.



Retrieve a helium balloon from the ceiling

A wayward balloon escapes from your grasp and is now on the ceiling. To retrieve it, take a piece of tape and create a tape cylinder, sticky side out. Place the tape on the top of a helium-filled balloon. Attach a string or ribbon to this balloon and float it up to the ceiling. Tap the taped balloon to the other; the tape will stick to the wayward balloon. Once attached, pull both balloons down.


Retrieve balloon

Storing balloons on hot days

Heat damages Latex, twisting balloons and storing them in a car on a hot summer day will damage your balloons. Use an insulated cooler to store balloons between gigs. The cool will shield the balloons from the excessive heat. Toss in an ice pack and this will ensure your balloons are kept cool even on the hottest of days.


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3 thoughts on “Four Life Hacks that Every Balloon Entertainer Should Know”

  1. Great tips, Dale! I’ve used the “tape on a balloon” trick to clean up from a previous party. The event hall was not happy about the balloons on the ceiling from another event. I quickly removed the errant balloons and was the hero! Thanks for the article.

  2. Hi Dale, thanks for sharing. Now my balloons are very organised. I tape them for Qualatex bags n I cover the tail end of the balloons in the rolled bags so that they won’t bend when store upright.
    Is it OK to roll them up very tightly?

    For our tropical country, our balloons really don’t last.. we bought them from stores that do not store them in air-con, can imagine how bad the condition and quality! When placing in a car, it is good to put them in cooler box or bag, except need to separate the ice
    pack with newspaper so that the balloons don’t get wet.

  3. These are some really great tips. I really like using two chairs to size balloons. Everyone suggests buying over priced sizers or cutting holes in a box. The box is cheap but can take a great deal of space and/or get damaged rather quickly. Thanks!

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