Halloween Pumpkin Twist

Halloween is one of the  creative and funnest times of the year for balloon entertainers.  But sometimes we over look the basics and try to make things more complicated then they need to be.  There’s no rule book that says we cannot take something as simple as a balloon pumpkin and infuse a little variety, just to punch it up a little.

Here is an example of a simple pumpkin with Snoopy jumping out.

Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin. Simple, cute Halloween balloon decoration

If your looking for something with more of a “WOW” factor and have the skills, then a detailed Dracula jumping out of a pumpkin will defiantly  create a scary good response.

Look out! Dracula's jumping out of a pumpkin.

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  1. Enjoying the heck out of your blogs and designs today! I’m never going to get anything done. But who cares this is fun ¤{:o}x

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