XII Moscow International Balloons Festival

Long gone are the days of simple one balloon animals. Balloon artists are literally stretching the boundaries of balloons twisting.

The world of balloon art has developed over the years and with each year new techniques and competitions develop that just blows a persons mind away.  Balloon decorators have been building big elaborate balloon sculptures for years, but with the introduction of new balloon sizes, colors, types and techniques are allowing them to create breath taking work.

Brazilian Carnival Girl, by Elena Begerskaya and Team of Regions Thumbelina at the XII Moscow International Balloons Festival 2011

Recently, at the XII Moscow International Balloons Festival, which took place from 26th to 30th of September 2011 in Krasnaya Presnya, Elena Begerskaya and Team of Regions Thumbelina, won the Grand Prize with its stunning version of Brazilian Carnival girl.

As you can see by the detail, this is not the balloon animals you get at a kids birthday party, but hours of painstaking planning and design a sculpture that is both beautiful and delicate.

Realistic legs and extrema details help make this a winning balloon sculpture.

Legs and face are made by stuffing and arranging balloons inside larger balloons.  This technique is becoming more popular as balloon artist have a bigger array of colors and balloon sizes to achieve the look they so desperately need to have to win these highly competitive balloon competitions.

A leg being inflated and sculptured to look real.

With every twist of a balloon entertainers, deco twisters, decorators are pushing the art of balloon sculptures. This year  Team of Regions Thumbelina has raised the bar in the world of balloon competition.

Team of Regions Thumbelina

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