The Future

If I could jump into the TARDUS with the Doctor and transport to the future, it would be interesting to see how balloons have changed.

Long gone are the days of huffing and puffing to get a balloon inflated. Built into the synthetic material is heat sensor circuitry that when touched automatically inflates the balloon to the desired size.

Like the mood ring in the turn of the century – remember I am years in the future, balloons automatically censor the human brain waives and chosen color options are instantly materialized on the balloon allowing for the desired color selection.

There is a limit to the super high-definition color balloon available. Presently, you can only choose from only 16.4 million color options.

Reinforced atoms allow the balloon to be puncher proof, but allows the balloon when under deflated to be torn like tissue paper. Eliminated the need for scissors

The multifunctional balloon comes in many diameters, but it unique properties allow the entertainer to compress or stretch the balloon between their fingers and the balloon diameter can transform from 1-12 inches in diameter.

One of the amazing properties of this new balloon material is the ability for the balloon to self-seal.  No longer is energy wasted tying knots. Just press together firmly and rub. The balloon will instantaneous sealed. No leaking, no nozzle, completely smooth.

Built in to the lining of the balloon is an anti-gravity properties that when placed over and reveres gravity pole, balloons automatically float. Set the reveres gravity pole to the desired height and never worry about balloons losing altitude.

To meet environmental standards simply inflate, deflate, and add water. This special material dissolves and transforms in to 100% clean, breathable, oxygen.

You may be wondering if the flying car has developed yet? Nope, they’re still waiting for that, but the IPhone 193 is coming out next week and lines are already forming. Go figure.

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