How To Transform A 260 Balloon Into A 160 Balloon In One Simple Technique

260 twisting balloon

I have been doing this for years, and I’m always surprised when I meet a balloon entertainer who’s not familiar with this technique. I learned this technique first hand from Roger Segal.  Segal, the master balloon twistier, developed this technique to make the trunk of an elephant-back in the early ’50s. Since then, I’ve really … Read more

Being Creative With Balloons – People Make A Living Do This

Being Creative with Balloons “The possibilities are endless” my college friend Bill would say.  That saying has become an earworm that has never left my head. When the average person sees a balloon, I wonder what their first thought is? An over perfective mother might say “Choking hazard,” a father may say, “A creative toy,” … Read more

Which balloons are better Betallatex and Qualatex?

wrestling meme

Top 3 Questions Asked by Beginner Balloon Entertainers Part two of three. Here is the second most popular question asked by new balloon entertainers. Editors Notes: This article was originally posted on Nov 13, 2013, revamped and updated for accuracy. Question: Which balloons are better, Betallatex or Qualatex? Answer: There are two major balloon manufacturers, … Read more

The Future

If I could jump into the TARDUS with the Doctor and transport to the future, it would be interesting to see how balloons have changed. Long gone are the days of huffing and puffing to get a balloon inflated. Built into the synthetic material is heat sensor circuitry that when touched automatically inflates the balloon to the desired … Read more

Don’t Be a Crab

What am I going to do today? The best part of my job is that I get to choose what I want to do. I can work efficiently, swiftly, and pick the jobs I want to do.  Other days, I can take on the world, tackling completed jobs that require planning, work, and perseverance.  Doesn’t … Read more