Cheap Balloons Make Kids Cry

Why are my balloons breaking?

Once a month, I will have a person ask me, “Are those special balloons? I bought a kit at the local book store and the balloons kept breaking.”

The dozen or so balloons that come in pre-package kits are cheap balloons.  Book producers need to keep the production cost to a minimal and to do this they use a lesser quality twisting balloon in their kits.  Many, if not all of the balloons found in kits would be rejects by the two leading balloon manufactures Pioneer and Betallic. These companies produce the twisting balloons used by professional balloon artists around the world.

If you look at the balloons that come in the kits, you can see the inconsistencies in length, thickness, and color. When inflated you will see spots in the balloon that are transparent and other areas are opaque (non-transparent). These inconsistencies in the manufacturing of the balloon is what causes it to break; thus discouraging kids and adults from learning how to make balloons.

Where do I buy good twisting balloon?

Professional balloon artists buy their balloon supplies online or will go to their local trick shop.  If you choose to buy at the local trick shop be prepared to pay more.  Typically, they are twice the price.  However if you buy online, remember a shipping charge is added and you have a wait of a couple days for them to be delivered. Therefore, do the math and figure which option is the best for you when buying twisting balloons.

What is the shelf life of a balloon?

The shelf life of a properly processed latex balloon depends upon many factors: the control and the effectiveness of the latex formulations, the chemistry and cleanliness of the compounding process, the overall procedure adherence to the parameters of the entire manufacturing process, the exposure to light, the temperature and humidity at which they are stored, and so forth.

If the balloons are processed and packaged effectively, and then stored under well-maintained conditions, there is no reason why they should not last for years.

What does a manufacturer consider an old balloon?

An old balloon is one that has not been properly stored. Balloons exposed to excessive sunlight will begin to oxidize; this is the start of the degrading process to the balloon. As long as they are packaged and stored correctly, balloons will last for years. Manufacturers and distributors may consider a balloon as being “old”, if it is not selling or has been sitting in inventory for a set length of time. Typically, distributors will put these balloons on clearance to remove them from inventory.

Does hot/cold really affect balloon quality?

Balloons are best stored under moderate temperatures. Exposure to freezing conditions or very hot conditions for short periods does not affect the balloons performance, but they should not be stored for long periods of time under extreme conditions.

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1 thought on “Cheap Balloons Make Kids Cry”

  1. On the topic of old balloons-i will witness having some old(20-25 yr old Mickey Mouse printed balloons) from the biggest flea-market in the Southwest-Traders Village vendor. This vendor after 21 yrs, retired, and found some old balloon bags of these Mickey Mouse balloons. I blew one up, and it held air perfectly. I thought-i’ll send this amazing shelf life to the supplier, and send them a letter asking the secretary if she’d like me to send them these balloons for show and tell. I was received with wide open arms on my offer, replied to that the company’s executives were thrilled with the discovery and results. In return, i received back fresh balloons from the company 2 fold, and a thankyou note from the one who runs the company correspondences-the bosses secretary! This was several years back, probably 2000. Your article on ‘what are considerered old balloons’ brought it back to mind. continue to have a great year in ’11~ Doc(mepartydj)

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