Catching Up

BalancedI am like most people, I have a routine and when that routine is disrupted it take massive dedication to get back on track. It is easy to get overwhelmed, toss up your hands and give in.  I have learned that this does not help my career or me.  What I do is dig deeper, prioritize and set specific tasks. My list of things to do on my whiteboard are; enjoy my family, stock my balloons, market my services, and prepare my blog.

To me, family is the most important, and time must be spent with the family and enjoying family activities. I must have balloons ready for when I perform, no brainer.

Marketing is very easy to let slip, but if you want to find your calendar empty in the upcoming months, don’t market, network, or advertise.  You’ll achieve your goal.

As for blogging, I like to blog and share ideas, yet this is lower on my priority list.  Blogging keeps me focused; it is my mental workout for the week.  I neglected to mention my 90X workout on my list, but this has become part of my lifestyle, and it is almost like eating.  If I don’t work out I feel blah, and who likes that?

Over the past nine months, I have written over 100 blog posts, posting every other day.  Just this past week my priority changed. Family, marketing, stocking balloons, and watching the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs have been on top of my list.  Blogging came in fifth and for the first time in nine months, I missed two blog posts.  Did anybody notice? No. Did the world end? No. Did my world shift to the left slightly? Surprisingly, yes.

I noticed a change; it was a little voice saying, “You have a Blog to write. Get up and do it!”  Yet, my mind knew I was in overload because of the busy schedule, and needed a distraction to keep me focused. A minor alteration of my top list allowed my mind to relax, refocus, and to fully connect all the loose dots that needed to be connected to get back on track.

Roughly two days later, I am blogging, my email is caught up, I have quotes out to clients, and I am back on track.  For me it is about knowing my priorities, understanding what I must do, realizing what needs to be sacrificed to get back on track, and doing what I must do to get back on track. For me it is now, “Game on!”

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