January, the Month to Move Forward

Dale Obrochta with schools kids from a school fun day program.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but if that stone only moves a fraction of an inch every decade, it will become moss covered. As I start my third decade of balloon entertaining, I find that I am constantly pushing my skills to new levels. I am not talking about balloon twisting skills, … Read more

How To Avoid Distractions And Grow A Balloon Entertainment Business

pizza made from twisting balloons by balloon artists Dale Obrochta

The balloon entertainment business is more than fun and games, its a business. I am constantly gathering data, studying it, and learning from it while making permanent changes to improve my business.   The story behind this is that I have learned to keep good records.  Once every month, I study what and where my business … Read more

Evaluation of Self

Planning 2013

No matter what professional sports team you follow, at the end of the year, ever owner, GM, coach  evaluates their results.  The goal is simple – to improve and be better than the year previous.  I would love to compare myself to the great business minds who with great diligence make calculated business moves and … Read more