One Eye’s Rule the Movies This Summer

Minion - MikeThis summer, two new movies are coming out, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. In both movies, there are characters that I enjoy making, both of which have only one eye.

Over the years, I have seen blockbuster movies come and go, but it is the movies that people buy and repeatedly watch that generate requests. I must have made Lightning McQueen several hundred times. Yet, some parents have seen that movie two hundred times, know it word for word, and their child loves the movie.

The family movie characters become the big hits, and their characters are the most requested by kids. Yes, Spiderman was and still is popular, but I feel that this is more due to adults, advertisers, and the media pushing that on kids. Lightning McQueen, Monsters Inc, Despicable Me, and Little Mermaid are classic, and each movie has created a character that has been fabricated by balloon entertainers around the world.

My advice for the newbie balloon twisters, look at the popular movies that people buy and kids watch repeatedly. These are the characters to focus on, all the others are part of pop culture and will fade to the next blockbuster that advertisers push, but the core characters will remain for years.

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