My Career, Through the Eyes of My Son

Carter was excited because it was Men’s Night Out at his elementary school.  He had made a special surprise for me, and not once throughout the week had he mentioned the surprise or even hinted about it until today.

We arrived at the school, and Carter, being the social butterfly, getting that from his mother, was off waving and saying “Hi” to all his classmates. I waited with other dads as the school opened the doors to officially start Men’s Night Out.

Surrounded by fellow Dads and kindergarteners, we participated in games, building blocks, volleyball, basketball, and bowling. Basically, it was a wild free for.

They’re sitting on a table, was a blue construction paper booklet that resembles a shirt with a tie. This was Cartier’s surprise.  Each child made a special book for their Dad.  Inside the book are hand-drawn pictures depicting me, our relationship, and what I do for a living.

Through Carter’s eyes, here is his perspective of me.

His teacher made the cover; Carter did the writing.
I love how we look alike.
Notice, Balloon hat, apron, and balloon animal in hand.
I’ve seen teenagers spell balloons like that.
Translation – I will do my best balloon dog for my Dad.
Words that make my heart melt.

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