Increasing Your Revenue

tchest-openAre you doing all you can….to increase your business?  If you know anything about me, I love working short hours for big money.  Each day I get up and think, what can I do to achieve my dream?  Do I need to pick up the phone and make cold calls? Put my face in front of a video camera or seek professional advice?  Do I need to crash a trade show?  Should I be networking with other entertainers or do I have to write a new blog post, click share on Facebook, or retweet a comment?

I have tried thinking outside, inside, on top of, in front of, and behind the box in analyzing customers’ data.  Just today, on a brainstorming phone call, I realized that I have an opportunity sitting right in front of me.  This opportunity would not have presented itself had I not reached out to another entertainer and sought advice.

It is easy to sit back and wait for the phone to ring, but it is tough to do something that will cause it to ring.  You need to be aggressive if you want your entertainment business to expand.  Here are some ideas to help you expand your business.  I have used these, and they work.

  1. Create a newsletter – publish it on a regular basis
  2. Create a Client Database – when your contact information is current and digital, keeping a connection with customers is easy.
  3. Constantly Improve – life keeps moving and so should you.  Be it working out, expanding your education, or networking in new circles, you want to continuously improve.
  4. Openly commit – make a declaration to family and friends about what you want to achieve.   I will commit right now and say, “I will make five cold calls this week seeking work and I will report back in my next blog post.”
  5.  Expect to fail – every no, leads you closer to a yes.  If you just focus on “Yeses”, you will never get past the fear of “Nos”.

I have done these things to expand my business. Now, let me ask you this? Are you really doing all you can to make your dreams reality?

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