Two Bumps or Three

As a child I could not wait for the snow to fall and as it blanked the ground the question asked was “Is it good packing?”  Temperatures hovering around 32 degrees, no wind, and flakes the size of golf balls floating to the ground makes the perfect environment to make a snowman. As the lake effect snow blacked the community, I was rolling snowball into mountains.

Being all 80 lb. with a 120 lb. snowball, I quickly learned about physics and how leverage makes it easier to roll the middle snowball on top of the bottom snowball.  Nevertheless, I always want to make the Godzilla out of a snowman who would look down at all who passed bye.

I quickly learned that you can make snowmen with two large snowballs that were quite stable.  You would see the traditional three-ball snowmen with head smashed and laying on the ground. Only the body would be left.

I took this concept to balloon twisting.  Ninety-nine percent of the time I make a two bump snowman, but there are times at I will go old school and make three bumps.  So when it comes to making snowman – two bumps or three?

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