Balloon Entertainer’s Are Like Snowflakes

Every snowflake is different like a room of balloon entertainers design.  You have your delicate figures that are designed with precision like a brisk winter night where snow falls delicately and each flake lands gracefully to the ground.

Then there is the blizzard entertainer, who comes in on a world wind, balloon flaying, popping, and swirling around like an Arctic blizzard. The balloon figures come quickly and within minutes, the room is blanketed with colorful latex creations.

The unexpected snowstorm is that entertainer who appears as a clown, magician, or juggler, but out of nowhere, you are digging yourself out form a pile of balloon figures.  Unexpected, but happily pleased.

The predictable balloon entertainer comes in, does his stuff, and leaves. Your basic snowfall. Very little shoveling is required and it barely covers the ground.  Unimpressive, but still spectacular in a bizarre way.

Each snowflake is affected by atmosphere and creates an unique flake for each weather condition.  I asked some Facebook friends to make a snowflake and you can see each snowflake is different, just like the balloon entertainers who made them.

by Jeanine (croakdesigns)
by Michael Moyer
Dan Mask
by Dan Mask
by Kertész László
Chester “Chee Chee the Clown” Delameter

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