Boney Fingers

Working your fingers to the bone in the name of entertainment

working figers to the boneAround the world entertainers wrists twists, fingers push, and standing there interacting nonstop for hours are entertainers brings joy to audiences. Over time, muscles are becoming sore, joints rub together as cartilage deteriorates, and ligaments are tearing, just in the name of entertainment. Audiences are not aware of these aches and pains suffered by entertainers, they are masked by props, work areas configured to be ergonomically friendly, reduce stress, or to help alleviate sore joints. Yet the show must go on, as entertainers we don’t stop, we forge ahead.

Bathroom breaks, cell phone conversations, food, and rest breaks are all for gone. The client is provided with not stop entertainment. It’s a life we choose and I don’t know of any professional entertainers what would change careers, but deep down inside we all like to take a break and watch life pass by for a minute-or-two. So the next time you see an entertainer working away, make sure you give them a big smile and say thanks.

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