The Fright for the Candy

Every year around the USA, you will hear kids fighting, swapping, and hiding their Halloween treasures – CANDY!

Candy, the monetary currency of children, allows them to learn the art of swapping, stealing, and bartering, which is to say before mom makes them drop it into one big buck.  Then it is placed on top of the refrigerator way in the back while mom mumbles something about “being on a diet.” It will sit there for several months before mom declares it is no good in July and tosses it.

However, during those precious hours when the candy is still in our jack o’lantern bucket, we get to eat it, and I mean we eat it. Each year we have to eat more candy just because the candy bars are getting smaller.  You need not four mini candy bars but six of them to make up one large size candy bar.  If your old school like me, you’re going to need eight inches of those creamy, chocolate bite-size delights to make up the long candy bars that we received while trick or treating.

It is the right of passage as a child to eat as much of the candy as they can before mom yells, dad steals all the good stuff, and grandma takes all the hard candy.  Which is good; otherwise, it winds up back in the trick or treats bowl to be given out to some poor soul who’s just looking for a good snack.

My best trick or treating advice is to bring a baby with you.  Find a nice cute, and cute is the key, costume.  People will gush over the child and give out the best candy to the little ones.  Besides, since the baby cannot eat it, we reap the wards.

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